Payroll Management

Payroll Management​

Payroll management is essentially laden with a plethora of statutory requirements applicable on a monthly basis, which spans beyond the remittance of wages and salaries to employees, thereby exerting a lot of pressure on the in-house financial officer thereby dissipating office hours on this rigorous task at the expense of so many other assignments of primary importance to the organization.  With our payroll management service, we relieve your organization of the rigors of administering the payroll together with the attendant daunting statutory responsibilities of ensuring the accurate deduction and remittance of rates and taxes within the time frame set out by law, in other to save your organization time that would have been dissipate on this task and the penalties accruable as a result of monthly default of compliance to the  requirements of the Nigerian Tax Law. We are perfectly suited and positioned with our wealth of experience and exceptional expertise in the delivery of this service, to give you a professional payroll solution you will subsequently be unequivocally unwilling to do without.

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